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    About us

    Qingdao Tongruijiamachinery co.,ltd. is located in the beautiful west coast of Qingdao-queen cell, China excellent tourist city national counties-jiaonan and tongsan expressway runs through north and south of 204 national highway, jiqing expressway and south, east of Qingdao qianwan port, back to Qingdao international airport, land, sea and air traffic is very convenient, is specialized in the production of textile machinery professional manufacturers.

    The company mainly produces various types of carding machines, widened carding machines, multi-needle electronic control sewing quilts, sprayers, widened sprayers, quilts production lines and other products, forming the annual capacity of hundreds of various spinning machines. From fabric carding to weaving, textile equipment sold throughout the country.

    The company is specialized in the development and research of textile machinery products, adopting advanced computer-aided design system and CNC machining system to ensure the accuracy of product design and precision of parts.

    The company takes the first person, the second business as the idea, takes the product zero defect as the target, takes the customer satisfaction as the objective, USES the advanced technology, the high quality product and the good after-sale service to win the market. The company sincerely welcomes users to the factory guidance, business negotiations.